Vigo, Battle of Teams is a national and international mixed teams competition to be held for three days in wide open spaces in Vigo, Galicia.

It is a competition in which the winning team prove to be the best among all participants facing each other at different physical challenges will have to swim in open water, paddle, run, jump and perform various gymnastics, weightlifting, strongman, etc…

Not only is a demanding event from a physical point of view but it also meant that athletes come to Vigo and its surroundings, the magic Rias Baixas Gallegas a unique and extraordinary environment of many tourist attractions such as the Cies Islands, our numerous beaches, museums, historic buildings, magical towns, and our incredible gastronomy quality. Certainly an event to be present in Europe, where the tough sport and combines quality tourism.

In the second edition (2016) 140 teams of 5 athletes, 700 competitors were registered, tripling the number of participants of the first edition and starting to count in the championship with teams from outside Spain an increased number of people involved in different organizational areas and executives of the event, forming a team of 35 judges, 50 members of staff, working in a totally volunteer who along with more than 1200 spectators, more than covered expectations and an event that aims to become a European reference for team competitions.

CrossFit Vigo, the Box Organizer, is the first official CrossFit box in Vigo a Box with more than 1000m2 of facilities, directly opposite the Playa del Vao, and the Isle of Toralla, a unique setting. Two warehouses with three training areas and private parking make it a Box that certainly must visit if you are in this city.

But CrossFitVigo is not only an important Box because its location and facilities,but is its team of coaches with a united and passionate about what they do for the sport and for the community. CrossFit Vigo in Spain is a reference.


Vigo, Battle of Teams is a team competition of national and international character.

The teams are mixed, should be formed by five athletes, of which at least one athlete will be female and one male, meaning teams can consist of 4 men and 1 woman, 3 men and 2 women, 4 women and 1 man and 2 men and 3 women.

To participate in Vigo, Battle of Teams , each athlete must agree with the rules and policies of this Regulation including risk acceptance and advertising. The mere registration and the acceptance of the terms and conditions there of as well as all decisions Vigo, Battle of Teams in relation to any aspect of the competition. Such decisions shall be binding.

Vigo, Battle of Teams 2016  will be held Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday August 6, 2017 in Playa de Samil, in the municipal football field “Armando Cajaraville” and Samil Beach, in the city of Vigo ( Galicia).
The championship will have four categories:

Intro Category: designed for people who not fluent intermediate gymnastic movements or working with light loads, who simply want participate to enjoy a great competitive and festive atmosphere at the same time testing their physical abilities without seeking own strenuous demands of other categories.

Pro Category: Recommended for athletes who work with average weights or yet not fluent advanced gymnastic movements but seeking a demanding competitive experience with people of a similar level as motivator to keep moving element.

Elite Category: For athletes able to face all events without exception proposed by the organization, considering that should dominate all gymnastic movements of CrossFit and moving heavy loads in powerlifting and strongman exercises.

Máster Category: Designed for athletes who are 35 or older at the time of the competition. In this category, athletes must face the movements proposed by the organization but not necessary that all master all movements. The loads used in various physical challenges may be less than the Elite category.


    • Pull-ups
    • Knees to elbows
    • Push-ups
    • Sit-ups
    • Thruster 30/15
    • Clean 40/25
    • Snatch 20/15


    • Chest to bar
    • Toes to bar
    • Ring dips
    • Kipping handstand push-ups
    • Thruster 40/30
    • Clean 60/40
    • Snatch 40/25


    • Mucle-up (rings & bar)
    • Handstand walk&Hold
    • Handstand push-up


    • Mucle-up (rings
    & bar)
    • Handstand walk
    • Handstand push-up
    • It’s not necessary that the athletes must dominate all movements

The Intro and Masters categories will consist of 20 teams though these places may increase depending the number of pre-registered. The Pro and Elite categories will consist of 30 teams each.

  • Phase I – Qualifier (remote, online). 1 February to 31 March 2017, onsisting of 3 tests.
  • Phase II (face, Municipal Football “Armando Cajaraville). 4, 5 and 6 August 2017, consists of 6 events over the final where 20 teams compete Intro and Master categories and 30 teams in the Pro and Elite categories.
To attend as audience must get your entry in box office.The ticket price will be
published by briefing notes several weeks before the event.
Registration will be accepted, and the team will be registered when receive the confirmation e-mail sent by the organization to email provided by the team captain.

The deadline to register teams in the first phase is from 19 December 2016 until 31 January 2017 with a market share of 20 euros per person.

The registration fee must be entered following account:

  • IBAN ES98 Abanca 2080 5115 1330 4001 9419.
  • Beneficiary Name: Crossfit Vigo
  • Concept: “Vigo, Battle of Teams 2017 – [TEAM NAME]”

If unable to attend the competition, not the money of registration will be refunded..

They may participate in this competition, all those over 18 who so wish, regardless of
sex, nationality, religion or race.

All children under 18 must present a signed written authorization by their legal representatives, and may only participate in the following categories:

  • Children born between 2002 and 2003, Intro category.
  • Children born between 2000 and 2001, Pro category..

Underage participants agree just as other athletes in their respective categories, the characteristics of the competition. No adjustments will be made in the movements or escalations in the charges.

Only allow changes in team members for reasons of force majeure, as a documented medical injury, serious illness, etc., always at discretion of the event organizers.

Each team appoint a captain who provide email and contact phone number for various notifications regarding the event.

They may participate in the event, all athletes make a team, whether or not affiliated with a box of crossfit, having to name the participant and source equipment (eg. Team Crossfit VIGO 1 – Box Crossfit Vigo; The skulls – Gym eclipse).

To participate in Vigo, Battle of Teams will be necessary register the team by emailing , with all the data of each athlete team. Each athlete must accept all rules and regulations, including without limitation the acceptance of risk, advertising and rules of evidence. The rules are set as reference and for use during the competition.

It requires that all athletes, complete and comply with the relevant exemptions and documents displayed in Vigo, Battle of Teams. Registration must be validated, payment completed and should take over the same, identification or official credentials when so specified.

All athletes are committed to compete in sports man like manner.
It will be misconduct and grounds for disqualification from the competition, such behaviors as arguing or inadequately addressed any representative, sponsor, judge, volunteer, or athletic event.

Each competitor must bring their own rope, and material, mobility or other accessories. The use of elevators, bars hooks are not allowed, as any system that facilitates the execution of exercises with respect to other competitors.

Every athlete must register and make payment. The athlete has the responsibility to provide current, valid and truthful information, including email address to receive the relevant notifications to the competition.

This phase is at distance, by recording 3 tests.

  • A. The workout 17.1 will be published on February 1 before 22:00 and teams have until February 15, 2017 before 22:00 to send the recordings.
  • B. The workout 17.2 and 17.3 will be published on March 1 before 22:00 and teams have until March 15, 2017 before 22:00 to send the recordings.

All videos submitted will be reviewed thoroughly. At this point the organization will be very strict, invalidating videos that do not meet the standards set for them. Once satisfied that the videos are properly conducted, they will be judged and given the appropriate score, publishing the results in social networks and website and emailing the captain of each team.

All rules related to recording and performing the tests will be published at the time of the announcement thereof.

The first 50 videos of each category and each workout will be seen by the team of judges. The phase distance of classification is, therefore, in 3 workouts for 2 months, February and March. In April it will open one week from 04/01/2017 until 08/04/2017 for claims and will be resolved before 04/15/2017. Before 22:00 on 29.04.2017 will be published the list of ranked teams.

Face stage located in the municipal football field “Armando Cajaraville” and Samil Beach on 4, 5 and 6 August 2017.

20 teams in the category Intro, 20 teams in the Masters category, 30 teams in the Pro category and 30 teams in the Elite category make a total of 6 tests over these two days. The events will be published the first day of competition.

The final will be played on Sunday 6th from 8 top teams in each category.


    • Event 1
    • Event 2


    • Event 3
    • Event 4
    • Event 5


    • Event 6
    • Final

NOTE: The events will be published the day before its completion. The final on Sunday will be published with the announcement of the ranked teams.

The top 3 in each category will be awarded with free registration for Vigo, Battle of Teams 2018.

  • Category Intro / Pro: the first 3 finishers in each category receive a trophy obtained by the position and a pack of material (defined in terms of sponsors and partners)..
  • Category Master / Elite: the first ranked team receive a cash prize (the amount of prize money will be specified during the period prior to Vigo, Battle of Teams 2017). The three ranked teams receive a trophy and a pack of sports equipment.